The Fallujah region holds significant importance in Iraq, requiring continuous efforts to achieve stability and peace.

The training initiative offered by the Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization in collaboration with the International

Organization for Migration is a crucial step toward achieving these goals. The initiative aims to train

and empower youth volunteer teams in Fallujah with peace-building planning skills, in order to enhance

their capacity to develop projects and initiatives that contribute to supporting stability and promoting

social cohesion. The training activities encompass interactive sessions covering a diverse range of

topics, such as conflict analysis, bridging between different social components, and developing dialogue

and negotiation strategies. Participants will acquire strong practical skills during this short period,

enabling them to identify work priorities, design effective projects, and measure impact. This initiative

reflects the commitment of the international and local community to build and empower the youth for

effective contribution to positive change in their region. Undoubtedly, these efforts will be a significant

stride toward achieving a more stable and peaceful future for Fallujah, and Iraq as a whole.