We are pleased to announce the launch of the Youth Leadership and Decision-Making Development

Program in Fallujah, as part of our ongoing efforts to build the capacities of volunteer youth in the region.

This program aims to empower youth to develop effective leadership skills and make informed

decisions, by providing them with the knowledge and essential tools for strategic and creative thinking.

The program activities include interactive workshops covering topics such as situational analysis,

strategic vision development, decision-making techniques, and building effective teamwork. Participants

will have the opportunity to directly engage with experts in the field of leadership and development,

enhancing their understanding and real-world application of these concepts. We are committed

to supporting the efforts of youth in Fallujah to achieve positive and sustainable change in their society.

We strongly believe in their ability to achieve effectiveness and positive impact, and we will

continue to support and empower them to become key contributors in building a better future for the region and the world.