The "Weaving Against Gender-Based Violence" round table sessions represented a powerful opportunity

to harness efforts and ideas towards creating a safer and more collaborative environment in Anbar province.

In collaboration between the Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization and Oxfam, we achieved constructive

interaction between decision-makers, government officials, administrators, and tribal representatives

, with the goal of better understanding the dimensions and consequences of gender-based violence.

The sessions began by dissecting the underlying causes and drivers of such violence, while discussions aimed to

present a comprehensive solution involving awareness, education, and community engagement.

The workshops served as an ideal platform to discuss avenues that can contribute to the desired change.

Experiences and opinions were exchanged among participants from various sectors, contributing to the

unified efforts towards implementing practical solutions to counter gender-based violence. The round

table sessions marked an important step towards achieving positive change that enhances peace and cooperation in Anbar.