The Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization organized a series of specialized workshops for vocational

school students in Fallujah and Qaim, as part of the "Environmental Improvement Project in Anbar

." These workshops aimed to raise awareness about the importance of environmental preservation

and the risks of plastic waste accumulation. The workshops provided detailed information about

recycling processes and proper disposal of plastic materials. Youth were guided to understand

the practical steps of sorting, collecting, and processing plastic materials, as well as transforming

them into new products. The training included interactive sessions and hands-on practical

workshops to apply the concepts learned. This initiative marks an important step toward

nurturing an environmentally conscious generation that actively contributes to maintaining

the cleanliness and beauty of their surroundings. The activity was carried out in partnership

with Jusoor To and Al-Masla organizations, with generous support from the European

Union, reflecting its commitment to promoting sustainable development and environmental protection.