This humanitarian partnership between Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization and the International Organization

for Migration is a response to the needs of the youth in the Tal Afar region. Through a four-month-long training program,

the youth have been equipped with a range of practical and technical skills that empower them to positively contribute to

their community's development. Intensive and hands-on training has been provided in diverse fields. In agriculture, the youth

learned sustainable farming techniques and crop management. In poultry and beekeeping, they received training on animal

care and effective utilization of their products. Furthermore, the youth were equipped with crucial skills in electrical work,

water management, and sanitation, contributing to the community's infrastructure improvement. To keep up with technological

advancements, they underwent intensive training in using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, enabling them to confidently

engage with modern technology. Regarding their personal skill development, the youth received training in writing resumes

and showcasing their abilities in job interviews. This enhances their opportunities to secure sustainable employment,

paving the way for professional and personal success.