The Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization, in collaboration with Oxfam, organized a series of training sessions in various regions as part of the "16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence" campaign. These sessions were held in Qaim, Hit, Fallujah, and Laiadhiya sub-district with the aim of empowering women with knowledge about their rights and self-defense against any violations that threaten their dignity and safety.

The training sessions spanned three days, during which women were equipped with in-depth understanding of the concept of gender-based violence and its various forms. The focus was on effective strategies to confront and address such violence. Practical models and tools were provided to help women navigate potential violent situations and develop strong personal protection strategies.

"I Know My Right" is the campaign slogan, embodying the dedication to enhance awareness and knowledge among women about their fundamental rights, reflecting their aspiration to build a society free from violence and injustice. These efforts align with the global commitment to achieve gender equality and combat all forms of discrimination and violence against women.