The Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization, in collaboration with SPARK Iraq, aims to deliver an exceptional

training program that contributes to building psychological and social capacities and skills for a group of

university youth who have been displaced from Mosul to the Ninawa and Dohuk regions. This program aims

to provide essential support for youth who have experienced challenging circumstances due to displacement,

equipping them with tools to adapt and overcome psychological and social difficulties. The training courses

will be conducted online using modern educational platforms, where professional trainers will deliver the

content and guide students during these interactive sessions. In-person training workshops will also

be organized in the Dohuk and Ninawa areas to enhance direct interaction and provide an opportunity

for participants to share their experiences and learn from one another. SPARK Iraq seeks to support

these efforts to achieve a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of displaced youth. SPARK

believes in the importance of empowering youth by providing educational and training

opportunities that contribute to their development and enable them to actively contribute to the development of their communities.