Through a sustainable initiative aimed at improving the quality of life in remote areas, the project

"Promoting Stability, Well-being, Dignity, and Safety of Conflict-Affected Populations and Gender-Based

Violence Survivors" has been organized. As part of this project, the rehabilitation

of Saray Neighborhood Park in Al-Ayadiya is being undertaken.

The rehabilitation initiative involves the development of Saray Neighborhood Park through

various means. It includes providing revitalized green spaces and playground areas that

cater to the needs of children, contributing to their physical and mental growth and

development. Additionally, modern lighting systems have been installed in the park to

create safe and comfortable nighttime environments. Seating areas have

been maintained to provide spaces for relaxation and social interaction.

This initiative embodies the spirit of community collaboration, with local community groups

actively participating in the implementation and coordination of various aspects of the

project. It showcases the joint efforts of the Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization and the

Liberation Association for Development, with support from Norwegian

People's Aid and funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In this manner, the project strives to enhance stability and well-being in remote areas

, offering a better and safer environment for children and families. This contributes

to improving the quality of life, fostering communication, and enhancing community participation.