In collaboration with UNOPS, the Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization has successfully implemented a

training project in Fallujah, aimed at building and enhancing the capabilities of young men and women

in a variety of vital vocational fields. Intensive training opportunities were provided to 171 trainees,

enabling them to acquire valuable skills in areas such as men's and women's hairdressing, tailoring for

all ages and genders, and even children's clothing manufacturing. The training extended beyond the

realm of handicrafts, encompassing crucial skills in blacksmithing and carpentry as well, contributing

to furnishing the community with diverse technical expertise. It is noteworthy that the project

doesn't solely focus on technical fields; it also includes the art of women's cosmetics and bridal

makeup as part of the training program. This aspect contributes to empowering young women by

equipping them with exceptional beauty skills and enabling them to provide high-quality services

in skincare and makeup artistry. The diversity of skills and areas covered in this project reflects

the commitment of the Iraqi Love and Peace Organization and UNOPS to provide comprehensive

educational opportunities that enhance the prospects of youth and assist them in building a brighter future.