Within the framework of the "Empowering Youth Engagement in Societal Dialogue in Anbar Province" project, the IraqiAl Hub Wa Al Salame Organization, in partnership with innovative youth teams, organized a series of dialogue initiatives in Qaim, Fallujah, and Hit. These initiatives aim to enhance youth participation in societal conversations, enabling them to channel their ideas and opinions towards constructive action.

The initiatives witnessed distinguished attendance from local activists, security leaders, community elders, all convened to deliberate matters of concern to the community and its youth. Discussions revolved around ways to enhance dialogue and activate the role of youth in policy formulation and decision-making.

These initiatives resulted in the exchange of ideas and proposals geared toward improving youth's living and economic conditions, as well as enhancing education and vocational training opportunities. Emphasis was also placed on the need to foster a constructive culture of dialogue in society, contributing to enhanced understanding and conflict resolution.

This project embodies a fruitful partnership between the United Nations Program and the European Union, executed by the Bridge to organization in collaboration with the Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization. The project's success reflects a strong commitment to empowering youth and supporting their active role in developing their community and contributing to a brighter future for Anbar