As part of its ongoing efforts to support and empower women in our society, Al-Hub Wa Al-Salam Organization

conducted a series of training workshops in Fallujah. These workshops spanned over 10 consecutive days,

during which 20 women underwent intensive and specialized training. The skills acquired by the participants

in this training program were diverse. They included learning the art of sewing and handicrafts, contributing to

the development of their creative skills and enhancing their economic potential. However, the training did not stop

there. Educational courses were also provided in the field of pastry and food industries, opening new horizons

for them in the realm of entrepreneurship and small project management. It is worth mentioning that these

training workshops are part of the project "Support Livelihoods of Women Living in Informal Settlements in

Fallujah City," aimed at improving the living conditions of women in vulnerable communities.

The organization works in cooperation with the German organization

"Sign of Hope" to achieve the success of this valuable project.