In a significant step towards combating violence against women and girls, Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization,

in partnership with Oxfam, organized an intensive 7-day training course under the title 'Empowering Communities

to Combat Violence Against Women and Girls.' The course trained 10 community mobilizers, equipping them

with vital skills to mobilize and engage communities in addressing this sensitive issue. Lectures and workshops

during the course revolved around the concept of gender-based violence (GBV), sexual violence, and relevant

human rights laws. The importance of community empowerment and its crucial role in driving change and raising

public awareness was emphasized. Participants engaged in fruitful discussions and collective activities

aimed at sharing experiences and showcasing best practices in community mobilization and enhancing awareness

of violence issues. They were equipped with effective tools and strategies to communicate with diverse

community groups and motivate them to actively participate in anti-violence efforts. This training course

marks a significant step towards building a more aware and responsive society, where participants can now

apply the knowledge and skills gained within their communities, working towards creating a safe

and violence-free environment for women and girls."