The Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization, in close collaboration with Oxfam, is dedicated to shaping a futur

e devoid of violent practices within Iraqi society. Through a series of organized awareness sessions, efforts

are directed towards educating individuals, particularly the younger generation, about the dangers of gender-based

violence and the necessity to combat it. Facilitators of the sessions provided detailed and comprehensive explanations

of the concept of gender-based violence, shedding light on its various forms and negative impacts on victims and

society as a whole. Key causes and contributing factors to the proliferation of this type of violence were

examined, emphasizing the role of awareness and education in its reduction. The sessions also delved

into strategies to counter gender-based violence by enhancing awareness, knowledge, and promoting gender

equality. Examples of successful projects and initiatives aimed at fostering dialogue and changing misconceptions

about gender were showcased. The sessions concluded by presenting a range of innovative and practical solutions

to confront gender-based violence. These solutions include advocating for early education and awareness,

empowering women's leadership roles, and deepening community collaboration to achieve positive change.

In collaboration with the Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization and Oxfam, Iraqi society aspires to achieve a

future of greater peace and justice, where everyone enjoys their rights,

lives freely and safely, and contributes to the nation's progress and prosperity.