On this morning, the Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization hosted a distinguished delegation from the UPP Italian organization "Bridge To" at its main headquarters in Fallujah. This visit comes as part of efforts to strengthen collaboration between the two organizations and exchange expertise and knowledge in the fields of environmental and social project development.

During the visit, the details of the Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization's development project were explored, primarily aiming to enhance the environmental situation in the Anbar province. The organization's efforts in reducing pollution and protecting the environment were highlighted, particularly in regards to managing and reducing the use of plastic materials. The "Bridge To" delegation participated in an awareness session about the importance of sustainable behavior and the impact of plastic materials on the environment.

The Italian organization's delegation expressed profound admiration for the efforts of the Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization, commending the tangible results achieved within the development project. They expressed their hope for the continuation of this collaboration and joint coordination in the remaining stages of the project, with the aim of achieving more satisfying and positive outcomes.