A delegation from the Human Rights and Freedoms Organization (HRF) paid a visit to our organization's

headquarters on Monday, July 10, 2023. This visit is part of an effort to enhance cooperation and coordination

between the two organizations, where insights and experiences were exchanged in

the realm of human rights protection and promotion.

The delegation was warmly welcomed at our headquarters by the director of our organization's office

in Fallujah, Mr. Hamid Al-Hamad, along with the office staff. The meeting included a detailed

presentation of the activities, workshops, and seminars organized by our organization during the

past period, with a particular focus on our efforts in community awareness and

consciousness-raising about vital human rights issues.

The importance of collaboration between the two organizations in future projects was emphasized,

along with the exchange of expertise and knowledge in the field of human rights protection.

New avenues for collaboration were also explored, including joint projects

aimed at enhancing rights and freedoms in our region.