Al-Ayadiyah comes alive with joy and an emphasis on the importance of cohesion at the

"Mutahedoon - Under Al Ayadiyah Cohesive Festival" organized by the Al-Hub Wa Al-Salam

Organization in partnership with Nama Organization for Human Development, supported

generously by Norwegian People’s Aid. During this fantastic festival, a diverse range of

activities were organized with the aim of promoting the values of peace and social cohesion.

These activities included informative lectures on combating violent extremism and a

magnificent art gallery showcasing the works of local talented artists. Live drawing

sessions during the festival added a vibrant touch to the event, highlighting the

visual arts. Culture and reading were not left out either, as a book fair was set up

to encourage culture and literacy among attendees. The organizers also made sure to entertain the audience with enjoyable competitions.

These events were distinguished by inspiring speeches from the participating

organizations and the local government. This first-of-its-kind festival in

Al-Ayadiyah represents an important milestone in spreading joy and underlining the significance of social cohesion and peace in the region.