Distinguished by an invitation from Dr. Ali Farhan, the Governor of Anbar Province, and under the auspices of the Department of Organizational Affairs, the Regional Conference on Energy, Environment, and Climate took place at the Anbar Provincial Council building. The conference was attended by representatives from various international and local organizations, and it revolved around discussing the significance of developing and enhancing sustainable energy practices within the province.

The opening remarks were delivered by the Deputy Minister of Environment, who emphasized the importance of collaboration and coordination among diverse institutions to achieve sustainable development goals in the fields of energy and the environment. This was followed by multiple sessions and workshops covering topics such as the development of renewable energy sources, pollution reduction techniques, and the impact of climate change on the region.

Concluding the conference, participants unanimously stressed the importance of bolstering cooperation with international and local organizations to make progress in the realms of sustainable energy and environmental preservation. The need for adopting shared strategies aimed at constructing sustainable and future-oriented cities in Anbar was reaffirmed.

It is noteworthy that this conference represents a significant stride towards advancing the strategic direction of building sustainable cities in Anbar Province, and fulfilling the aspirations of its inhabitants for a clean and sustainable environment, thus securing a better future for

generations to come.