On the occasion of #InternationalWorkersDay, the family of the Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization extends its warmest congratulations and best wishes to the sons and daughters of the working class in the country. We celebrate this day to emphasize the remarkable role you play in building and developing our beloved nation.

They are the workers who tirelessly construct buildings and infrastructure, working diligently to rebuild what has been affected by challenging circumstances. They are the mind, heart, and sweat that turn hopes and dreams into a bright reality. They greatly contribute to maintaining the stability of the country and achieving its progress.

We highly value your sacrifices and tremendous efforts in various fields, whether in the healthcare sector, education, industry, services, or any other sector. You are symbols of hope and inspiration, a source of pride for future generations.

On this day that honors you, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting you and working together for a better future for workers, where they have the right to a dignified life and decent work.

Wishing you all the best, and may you continue to strive for peace and prosperity in our beloved homeland.