As part of efforts to enhance community collaboration and promote environmental and awareness initiatives, the headquarters of the 'Al Hub Wa Al Salam' Organization in Fallujah received a delegation representing the Iraqi Parliament Office in Anbar. A comprehensive exploratory visit was conducted, covering various departments and projects carried out by the organization in the region. The focus was placed on highlighting the efforts made in tree planting and organizing awareness seminars for the local community. The significance of bazaars and workshops aimed at enhancing the skills and talents of youth, directing them towards positive and constructive areas, was also discussed. In the context of environmental awareness, the issue of plastic and its negative impact on the environment was addressed, with an emphasis on the importance of recycling as a solution to mitigate this impact.

Representatives of the parliament office expressed their gratitude for the efforts of the 'Al Hub Wa Al Salam' Organization, commending its valuable contributions to serving the community and protecting the environment. They emphasized the importance of enhancing collaboration between different entities to achieve common goals that serve the public good. On their part, the representatives of the 'Al Hub Wa Al Salam' Organization expressed their thanks and appreciation to the delegation for this visit, expressing their readiness to continue cooperation and joint efforts to build a better future for the region and its youth.