n the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

Today, we celebrate the anniversary of January 9th, and we extend words of love and

appreciation to convey our heartfelt feelings towards the members of the Ministry of Interior.

It is a day of pride and joy, as we remember the significant sacrifices and tremendous efforts

made by the police officers to ensure the security and safety of our beloved nation.

To the remarkable police leaders who lead with wisdom and dedication, to the officers and

ranks who work diligently and faithfully, and to all the staff members who stand alongside

the police in serving the community day by day, we want to express our deep gratitude and

immense pride. You are the support and pillar that significantly contribute to achieving the

stability and prosperity of our nation. Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization extends its sincerest

wishes to the brave police force. We pray that God protects and watches over you in your

noble mission. You are the shields that protect us from all the risks of crime and terrorism,

and you contribute to building bridges of security and trust between citizens and the state.

On this special day, we renew our commitment to supporting and appreciating you.

We promise to stand by your side, working together for a secure and prosperous

homeland. Happy New Year to you all, and may our nation remain safe and stable.


Al Hub Wa Al Salam Organization - Iraq