In an effort to enhance the educational landscape in Al-Ayadiyah sub-district, a dedicated

advocacy campaign has been launched. This campaign, operating within the framework of the

"Promoting Stability and Well-being for Conflict-Affected Communities

" project, is a collaborative effort between local organizations ASO (Horizon of Success

Organization), Nama, and ILP (Iraqi Al Hub Wa Al Salame Organization).

The primary goals of this campaign are twofold: first, to ensure a fair and equitable distribution

of teaching staff to schools in need within Al-Ayadiyah, and second, to provide essential

educational and school supplies to selected schools in the area.

Local authorities, including the Director of Education in Tal Afar, have expressed their willingness to

cooperate closely with these local organizations to achieve the advocacy campaign's objectives.

This collaborative approach aims to not only improve the quality of education but also contribute

to the stability, well-being, dignity, and safety of the communities

affected by conflict and gender-based violence.

This initiative is made possible through the joint efforts of the Tahrir Association for Development,

Norwegian People's Aid, and funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.